Galleymate 1100 (2 burner)

AUD $899 incl GST(with Standard full stainless plate)
AUD $999 incl GST(with 1/2 Grill & 1/2 Solid plate)
AUD $1050 incl GST (with Full Grill plate)

Ideal for a small boat as the barbecue can be mounted in your rod holder with our Rod Holder Mount or mounted with the alternative options listed below.

Comes with standard with stainless steel full hotplate.

  • Cooks for 4-6 people
  • LPG, propane & natural gas
  • 2 Burners
  • Weight – 14 kg (30 lbs)
  • BTUs – 20,000 or 21 megajoules
  • Dimensions – Height: 360mm (14.5 in), Width: 540mm (21.5 in), Depth: 340mm (13.5in)
  • Cooking surface measures – Width: 440mm (17.5 in), Depth: 250mm (10 in)

Mounting Options

AUD $110 incl GST (pair)

These ingeniously designed and manufactured clamps are made from marine grade stainless steel, enabling simple and easy installation and removal – on and off in 5 seconds. The clamp is designed to stay on the rail when not in use.

A – The leg of the barbecue, which is fixed to the barbecue on all smaller models, slides into the rail outboard clamp (B).

B – The rail mount clamp. This bracket is bolted onto your railing system (fits rails 19mm (3/4”) to 32mm (1 1/4”).

C – This is a spring loaded pin which locks your Galleymate to the rail clamp bracket. A is locked into B.


Telescopic Rod

AUD $75 incl GST

The Telescopic Rod is available as an extra support for those who are planning to mount the barbecue as a permanent fixture on the boat. It provides extra stability when required. The rod measures 325mm when closed and can extend to 560mm (not including end fittings).

AUD $260 incl GST 

Stern rail too short to fit your barbecue? Use our new spacer bar which fits directly to your stern rail with a longer and fully adjustable rail to place your rail mounts. Fits in minutes and saves you hundreds of dollars in on-site fabrication.(includes  brackets, s/s bar and rail mounts)


Telescopic Rod

AUD $75 incl GST

The Telescopic Rod is available as an extra support for those who are planning to mount the barbecue as a permanent fixture on the boat. It provides extra stability when required. The rod measures 325mm when closed and can extend to 560mm (not including end fittings).

AUD $250 incl GST

The rod holder mount is fully adjustable to suit any boat. Great way to mount the barbecue by using existing rod pole holders. The barbecue legs slide onto the Rod Holder Mount and can be adjusted to the correct angle and locked into position.

AUD $100 incl GST

These Flush Deck Mounts are used to mount your barbecue into a large wooden rail or transom (see picture). The front legs of the BARBECUE simply slip over the pin (A) which is placed in the flush deck mount (B) which assembles as (C). Mounts are made from 316 stainless steel.

This enables you to easily remove the barbecue when finished and stow it away.

Optional Accessories

AUD $120 incl GST

This Stainless Steel Stand is ideal for setting up on a beach or camping. It dismantles and folds away flat to 900mmx 450mm and only weighs 2 kilos. It is designed to fit into the boot of a car, boat or caravan.

Height: 750mm Width: 450mm Depth 300mm

AUD $195 incl GST

Great cooking height.  Perfect for balconies, outdoors, caravans & campers.  This stainless steel stand is ideal for camping or setting up on a beach. No assembly required and folds flat for easy storage.

Height: 850mm, Width: 450mm
Depth: (widest point when open) 590mm, Depth: (when collapsed) 45mm

AUD $55 incl GST

The Barbecue Utensil Tray clips onto the front of your barbecue as shown. It is ideal for storing your utensils or condiments while cooking and prevents any excess spatter. Made from marine grade stainless steel.

AUD $50 incl GST

The Cooking Rack fits directly over the top of the burners, giving close contact with the heat. By removing the hotplate and inserting the Cooking Rack, the barbecue becomes a stove-top or an oven. A standard size frying pan will fit comfortably on the optional Cooking Rack alongside a small pot or saucepan. By using only the front burner and closing the lid, you can use it as an oven, which will cook your food in around the same time as your home oven. The Cooking Rack sits down low above the burners to allow maximum heat efficiency and economical use of gas.

AUD $50 incl GST

Made of a heavy marine grade 1mm thick stainless steel designed to fit right across the back of the barbecue. Giving more room for your meat and vegetables.

Height: 75 mm Width: 370mm Depth: 170mm. 1mm thick.

AUD $140 incl GST

The Spitroast Assembly is a great addition to your barbecue as it enables you to cook a roast for a crowd while you enjoy yourself. During cooking, the meat is constantly rotating, so the flavour and tenderness is enhanced giving you the perfect roast. Operates on mains power or 2 D-cell batteries.

AUD $45 incl GST

This regulator enables you to use the green Coleman small disposable gas bottles (inset image – disposable gas bottle not included). This is a handy option, even as a backup in case your tank runs out. These bottles will cook about 5 barbecues. Safe and saves having a large tank on board.

AUD $30 incl GST

For swap and go type bottles.


1.5 metre
AUD $50 incl GST

2 metre
AUD $55 incl GST

3 metre
AUD $65 incl GST

Hose for use when your boat is equipped with an integrated gas system and has the female bayonet fitting available.

AUD $120 incl GST

Salt water resistant cover.

Colour: Captains Navy Blue.

Stainless Steel Hotplates

All our barbecues come with a choice of cooking surfaces. For the gourmet cook we have Stainless Steel half or full grill hotplates which are ideal for those who want to cook over a flame grill. These hot plates require the attachment of flame dispersers fitted to the standard burners.

A – Full Hotplate
AUD $135 incl GST

B – Half Grill/Half Hotplate* (includes flame dispersers)
AUD $215 incl GST

C – Full Grill* (includes flame dispersers)
AUD $260 incl GST

*When using Grill Hotplates the burners must be fitted with flame dispersers to avoid “flareup”.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel LPG (Propane) Gas Bottles

1.2kg 225mm x 224mm
AUD $390 incl GST

2.4kg 310mm x 224mm
AUD $425 incl GST

3.4kg 370mm x 224mm
AUD $440 incl GST

4.5kg 450mm x 224mm
AUD $465 incl GST

5.8kg 540mm x 224mm
AUD $495 incl GST

9kg 495mm x 318mm
AUD $850 incl GST