Galleymate 4500 (4 burner)

AUD $2950 incl GST (currently out of stock)

Comes with 1 full grill and 1 solid plate

The Galleymate 4500 has four burners and can be configured with full solid plate, full griddle, or half griddle and half solid plate.

This barbecue can be table or bench mounted. As with the smaller models the Galleymate 4500 can be upgraded by just adding the spit roasting/rotisserie assembly.

The Galleymate 4500 is an ideal barbecue for those who are looking for a large, reliable barbecue. Perfect for those living in a salt water environment, whether in a coastal home, or a large boat.

  • Cooks for up to 20 people
  • LPG, propane, & natural gas
  • 4 Burners
  • Weight – 28 kg (61 lbs)
  • BTUs – 10,000 each burner x 4 = 40,000 or 42 megajoules
  • Dimensions – Height: 490mm (19.5 in), Width: 725mm (29 in), Depth: 560mm (22.5 in)
  • 2 cooking surfaces. Each cooking surface measures – Width: 350mm (14 in), Depth: 440mm (17.5 in)

Optional Accessories

AUD $160 incl GST

The Spitroast Assembly is a great addition to your barbecue as it enables you to cook a roast for a crowd while you enjoy yourself. During cooking, the meat is constantly rotating, so the flavour and tenderness is enhanced giving you the perfect roast. Operates on mains power or 2 D-cell batteries.

AUD $30 incl GST

For swap and go type bottles.


1.5 metre
AUD $50 incl GST

2 metre
AUD $55 incl GST

3 metre
AUD $65 incl GST

Hose for use when your boat is equipped with an integrated gas system and has the female bayonet fitting available.

AUD $200 incl GST

Salt water resistant cover.

Colour: Captains Navy Blue.

Stainless Steel Hotplates

All our barbecues come with a choice of cooking surfaces. For the gourmet cook we have Stainless Steel half or full grill hotplates which are ideal for those who want to cook over a flame grill. These hot plates require the attachment of flame dispersers fitted to the standard burners.

A – Full Hotplate (comes standard)
AUD $150 incl GST

B – Half Grill/Half Hotplate* (includes flame dispersers)
AUD $240 incl GST

C – Full Grill* (includes flame dispersers)
AUD $290 incl GST

*When using Grill Hotplates the burners must be fitted with flame dispersers to avoid “flareup”.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel LPG (Propane) Gas Bottles

1.2kg 225mm x 224mm
AUD $390 incl GST

2.4kg 310mm x 224mm
AUD $425 incl GST

3.4kg 370mm x 224mm
AUD $440 incl GST

4.5kg 450mm x 224mm
AUD $465 incl GST

5.8kg 540mm x 224mm
AUD $495 incl GST