Restore Your Galleymate

Has your old Galleymate got a bit past its use by date?
Would you like it working like “NEW” again?
Just send it to us and we will re-manufacture it for you.

New Burners, New Gas Valves, Control Knobs, Piezo’s for only $450* plus freight.

*If your BBQ requires a clean (on the inside) we charge an additional $100 to $200.
Please send your barbecue without the hot plate, fat tray and warming rack to:
Caravan and Marine Barbecues 5/9 Sky Close, Taylors Beach NSW 2316
If all this is too hard…

Purchase a new Galleymate from our range and we’ll trade in your old Galleymate Barbecue for $150!

Note: This offer only applies to our Galleymate Range of barbecues and is subject to part availability.